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Building your Business Using Social Media


Building your Business Using Social Media

Social media has been recognized by many professionals and consumers as an effective marketing tool. Time management is not an easy task for business owners. Yet, this method can be implemented into your busy schedule. Not only will you acquire new clients, you will also strengthen your current relationships.

Social media marketing consists of several marketing techniques that can be combined or used alone, depending on your goal:

Visualization Marketing

This style of marketing captures the targeted market’s eye and draws viewers in for more. Product images, logos and infographics are great examples of visual techniques that can convey your message without words.

Why Visualization Matters in Data and Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The words included in your message must be engaging and appropriate for your specific audience. The message should be concise and delivered in an easy to read format targeted for people on the go. Your message should be informative in regards to product, services and valuable tips from within the industry. Educating your customer demonstrates to them that you care. You are also giving them the power to make a decision armed with knowledge.

What is Content Marketing?

Interactive Marketing

This method has become extremely popular. Interactive marketing tactics like polls, surveys and product based contests make a huge impact. It gives your audience a voice and a sense of being in control of where they invest their hard earned money.

The Advantages of Interactive Marketing

There is a variety of social media platforms to select from. You may already be a member of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the new trending Snapchat app. There are also software applications, like Hootsuite, that allow you to schedule and send one message to all of your social media platforms simultaneously or at a scheduled time.

Social Media Platforms for Business: 2016 Marketer’s Guide

Social media has gone from just a networking tool, to a business owner’s marketing platform. It is the bait and your product is the final hook that pulls clients in.

Valuable Marketing Tips

  1. Present your product or service in its best light.
  2. Make your content visually appealing, engaging and informative.
  3. Reach out consistently, but do not overwhelm your audience.
  4. Tailor your content in accordance with the needs and demands of your market.

Our 13 Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever!